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      Sabun has proven to be effective in aiding those with eczema and psoriasis by moisturising

the skin and helping to relieve the itch. It is so mild it is also effective to use on babies and children.

Sabun is very gentle on the face and is great for removing make up. It is also very good on the hair

and has proven to be excellent for people with dandruff.

it has also been shown to be good to combat nits. The nits find it difficult to lay their eggs in the hair shaft due to the olive oil.

Medicinally, olive oil is anti-inflammatory, making it a good skincare oil for sensitive or irritated skin.

Laurel oil (of the bay tree) has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

This is helpful for scars, acne,pimples, boils, scabies, etc. It is reportedly a tonic to the hair and scalp stimulating hair growth and aiding with dandruff.

Olive & Laurel Oil Soap is believed to be the original Olive Oil soap originating from Syria, and is still made by centuries old handmade techniques.

With no preservatives or artificial ingredients Sabun treats your skin to a welcome break from harmful chemicals.

After a few months use your skin will feel softer and more moisturised.