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Food Additive Cards - Yours - for only 50c

  • Designed by Frances - the size of a postcard - ideal to have in your handbag - one side lists food additives that are considered to be unsafe - the other side lists potentially dangerous additives. This card is produced particularly for people with asthma or respiratory difficulties, and for children with hyperactivity problems

Health House products.

Colloidal Silver Products                                           Our price

       Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray (100mls)                    $16.50

       Colloidal Silver Liquid (500mls)                                 $37

       Colloidal Silver Gel Tube (100mls)                             $27  

   And new products in stock are:

       Aloe Vera Colloidal Silver Gel                                    $24


Bone Health (60 capsules)                                               $46

Boron and Selenium (new formula)                                  $42

CAA (60 capsules)                                                           $48

CoQ10 (60 capsules)                                                       $52

Eye Health (60 capsules)                                                 $48

Liver Cleanse (60 capsules)                                             $36

Redmond Real Salt - Nature's First Sea Salt - delicious and full of good minerals

             255g Filled Shaker $9.20           Refill packet, net weight 737gms $23.20

          Unrefined sea salt mined from ancient sea bed, containing 50+ trace minerals,

including iodine. Real Salt is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants.

                            This salt does not supply Iodide, a necessary nutrient.      

Kereru Essential Oils and more............

Please check the information page for what these products can be used for......... particularly the Frankincense which is the oil some folk have asked me to stock, as they have seen how the use of it has benefited people.

Essential Oils: 20mls

Frankincense (India) Boswellia Serrata 20ml   $23 (out of stock at present)

Manuka 20ml                                                 $38

Certified Organic Essential Oils: 50mls

Lavender Intermedia 50ml                             $32

Lavender Intermedia 100ml                           $47

Peppermint 50ml                                           $32

Other products :

Lip Salve ( Chocolate/Vanilla)                                                           $5.50

Skin Cream 100ml : (Calendula, Manuka Honey, Lemon & Teatree)        Out of stock

Sweet Almond Oil 100ml                                                              Out of stock

AND - there are books at special prices too..........

Laugh with Health (Book)              Special - $17.50

  • Great to pick up if you have only 5 minutes to spare, or a few hours for a good long read. It's got good information about foods in relation to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis - and much more, all very well presented.

Digestive Health by Philip Day         Special - $9.50

Colloidal Silver by Max Crarer          Special - $9.50

Phosphorus and Calcium Levels

in NZ Foods                                     Special - $2.50