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MGO ( methylglyoxal) Manuka Honey

Further studies are in progress in order to further prove the health benefits

of manuka honey: for

  • Boosting Energy
  • Boosting the Immune Response
  • Improved Digestive Health
  • Antibacterial Action
  • Antioxidant Action
  • Anti-inflammatory Action

Manuka honey is gathered in New Zealand from the flowers of the manuka tree, Leptospermum scoparium, which grows uncultivated in large areas throughout the country. Manuka honey has long been perceived as having exceptional health properties.

Nestled at the base of Tararua Ranges in New Zealand's North Island, bees forage on expanses of manuka trees, surrounded by native forest from the mountain ranges and Pukaha Mount Bruce.  The family run business (Mountain Gold Manuka) cares for the bees and harvests this quality  pure 100% NZ honey.                    

Generally people using manuka honey find it is great for maintaining good health and well-being.