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Honey for Animals    

Manuka Honey works well in animal health: horses, cattle, sheep, cats and dogs.

Potted Manuka Honey works well, and there's also the MANUKAMED products -

products 10+ and higher could be very helpful for use on bad flesh wounds.

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The certified rating of MG250 (10+ MGS)  is proving to be excellent for hoof health. The certified rating of 16+ is proving to be excellent as a supplement to add to horse feed. It is good for healing wounds on all animals - flesh tears, abscesses, spider bites.


Animal use of Manuka Honey (certified)

Honey is an age old remedy with an impressive nutrient content and has incredible therapeutic value. I make use of honey in my practice with great success and recommend the use of good quality honey to assist healing for a variety of conditions.

Dr Liza Schneider - BVScHolistic Veterinary Services, Tauranga, NZ

Honey and horses

Here at Little Avondale Stud we use Manuka Honey on 75% of all wounds to help with granulation and the healing process and on 100% of hoof abscesses and injuries. We are happy to recommend the product that we have had great results with – plus it tastes great!

Sam Williams - Proprietor LA – Big On Winning

From Sherri Stern, Broomfield, USA

(Sherri first contacted EverWell Living in August 2013 requesting 25+ Manuka Honey and the gel, for her horse Wanaghi Luna, as she needed to be healed from cancer.)

Sherri's testimonial:

Wanaghi had Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It was in her vulva area under her tail. I also used the straight honey from the jar instead of the gel. I used 25+ and some 16+. I also mixed some in her grain to eat. Yummm! She loves honey!

If you would like to share our story it would be great. If we can help even 1 more horse it's a blessing. The vets we have been working with say there is no way to tell for sure what exactly has made the cancer leave but I saw with my own eyes how nothing changed until we started using the Manuka Honey. The cancer was returning after a very radical surgery, our 3rd surgery....they are also so amazed they really don't know exactly what to say as the prognosis was surely that we were going to lose her. They are very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Dean Hendrickson and Dr. Ali Daniel did the last surgery and are incredible surgeons. They are at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins Colorado.They did a fantastic job.

We have had her on Piroxicam .... a med to stall the cancer and I have been giving her medicinal mushrooms formulated to boost the immune system in horses. Started both of them when we took her home from the surgery. The cancer started to return while on those meds. We did cysplatin injections in the cancer area, that is a type of chemo therapy ....... a month later there was no response, it did nothing. The cysplatin usually only lasts for a period of 3 weeks. They said there was no point in doing any more injections. At that point is when we decided to put it in God's hands and I contacted you about the honey. I started seeing almost immediate response from the honey when I began using it. 

From Matamata

I applied manuka honey 25+ to my yearling colt after he'd gone through three wire fences and gashed the flesh open in the joint on front of hock (about the size of a golf ball), and also on shallower abrasions around it and up the shin. I then put it on again a few days later and was forced to leave him for a month. When he arrived on the truck, (transported to our current home) the first thing I looked for was the wound – couldn’t find it!

From the Websters at Tauherenikau

Our rising 2yr old racing prospect went through four fences in a lightning storm.

The wound was originally worse and you could see tendons and bone.

The vet was there within an hour of the accident and he thought there was a good chance of a full recovery. She was boxed for the first 3 months, after which time she was allowed out during the day. She has coped with this well. Also she has been in a splint the whole time and is just at the stage of getting a little more movement each week. We don't want her to have too much movement all of a sudden as it will put a lot of strain on the new flesh and it will be in danger of tearing. The bandages have been changed with Manuka Honey 25+ being applied under gauze every 4 days."

July 2009 she was at the track working and she's doing really well.

Websters at Tauherenikau, Wairarapa.

Honey and sheep

"You do not have to talk to me about the manuka honey - we already use it. We use it on our animals - at the time of caesarians, and on any wounds. It works really well. Good luck with your stall!!"

Waikato farmer.

Honey for cats

25+ manuka honey for an abscess on a cat

Dude was one happy cat after the use of manuka honey on the abscess on his face - there was a hole right through the flesh showing his teeth. Honey was applied morning and night for 3 days at the end of which time he had totally new flesh and skin - and he loved licking the honey too! He had been a very unhappy cat with very dull coat - and in no time his fur was gleaming black again. Also, if your cat is sneezing give it 1 tsp 16+ per day.

Cats should happily lick the honey off a stick, once they have had their first taste.