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First Honey Products MANUKAMEDs®

First Honey® has introduced a new range of revolutionary First Aid products

enriched with the natural bioactive properties of medical-grade Manuka honey.

 Adhesive Bandage(6)

7.5cm x 10cm

Medical Grade 12+ Manuka Honey

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 Adhesive Bandage(12)

2.5cm x 8.25cm

Medical Grade 12+ Manuka Honey

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Sterile Honey Ointment .5oz

best by 2/2022

Certified 12+ Manuka Honey

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If you are prone to allergic reactions to many of the sticking plasters available these days - then you simply must try these out - you should find out that one of these plasters can stay on for days - no reaction whatsoever - except for healing of the wound you have covered.  These really are amazing.