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                                                              Hello - and welcome                

                                           Sunrise - at 20 Second St

                                           a new day dawning

                                             another day for choices

                                             may we all make the best ones

                                      Welcome to my website

                                and you are welcome to come on in for a chat and view the healthy living products

                                   at the front office

                                   20 Second St, Lansdowne, Masterton

                                Hours: Mon - Fri, at present it would be best to phone first, (06 377 4262)  unless you want to come

                                 and knock and see if I am there. I am unavailable at so many different times at present.

                               Weekends: please phone first and we can agree on a time for you to call in.

                                Signs are at the pathway to the office/shop - not being put out at the kerbside at present.

                            Whether you are a parent, or you are concerned about your own health; then please continue

                                to Healthy Living Conversations, and any or ALL of the following:


  • Please see the very bottom of this page for purchasing details

Contact details:

Phone: 06 377 4262

Mobile: 0274 403 728 (texts only)

Website: www.everwell-living.co.nz 


20 Second St


Masterton 5810


New Zealand